Natrual Tuff – Vanilla Green

Natrual Tuff – Vanilla Green

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Basic info

  • Chinese name : 香草绿(中国十和田石)
  • English name : Vanilla Green
  • Country of Origin : China
  • Color : green
  • Material : Tuff
  • Vein : Vanilla Grain
  • Process : Polished ; Bush Hammered ; Flamed ; Antiqued
  • Usage: Hotel swiming pool, Hot spring; Garden paving stone ; memorial monument
  • Application : Interior and exterior

OMing.Vanilla green, a treasure stone given by nature, comes from the mysterious oriental China, its distinct and elegant green color alternate with black and white geometric spots, with these special characteristics, Vanilla Green become unique among all the stones.
Vanilla green is a tuff stone consisting of intermediate-acid volcanic ash, called as “ecological stone” which contains a lot of value characteristics of microelements like high Si, Al, Alkali and Fe. Its vesicular structure brings inherent water purify function, well suited for hotel and villa swiming pool, hot spring etc. Its high water absorption make it a top choice of garden paving stone .

Vanilla green Feature

  • Water purify
  • Warm color
  • Abundant texture
  • Moderate hardness
  • No radiation


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