Patek Philip Limestone

Basic Info

  • Place of Origin:Italy
  • Color:Beige
  • Material: Limestone
  • Vein: Stripe Vein
  • Available finish: Polished, Bush hammered, Natural split, Antiqued,Pickling.
  • Usage: Wall tile decoation, Sculpture, Column and memorial monument, tower, statue etc.
  • Application: Interior and exterior wall decoration
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PATEK PHILIP Limestone Details

Oming.Patek Philip Limestone is a natural stone from Italy, taken as first choice of luxury buildings with the advantage of soft texture and elegent appearance. Meanwhie, it’s also in favour with a lot of sculpture specialists.
With its special phycial structure, the pores on the stone can absorp the essence from the nature, integrate architecture and nature by its own means. The delicate handfeel tell its unique from other cold stones when touch on the surface slightly. This elegent beige color and stripe vein also completely reflect the texture through the ages and rich culture of the city. Patek Philip can be the best material for European style villas, as it enrich the grandeur and elegance of the building.


  • No radiation
  • Uniform color
  • Clear vein without impurity
  • Nature and unique pore
  • Soft texture, easy for sculpture
  • Lasting charms

Patek Philip Limestone-project-wall

Patek Philip Limestone-project-wall


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