Natrual Grey Marble Slab – Dream Grey

  • Country of Origin: China
  • Slab size:1600~1750*2600~3000*18mm
  • Material:Marble
  • Thickness:18mm
  • Color:Grey
  • Supply Capacity:>200M3
  • Usage: Wall, Flooring, Countertop
  • Available finish:Polished,Honed
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Natrual Grey Marble Slab – Dream Grey Introduce

Dream Grey is Chinese natrual marble with grey and white veins. It can be used in kitchen and table top, it’s absolutely a wise choice for your projects.

It is suitable for wall and floor.

The surface can be polished, honed.

It is the cheapest marble for whosale.

Slab size 1600~1750*2600~3000*18mm.

Ouming natrual marble-Dream grey-quarry

Ouming natrual marble-Dream grey-quarry

natrual grey marble slab - Dream Grey Slab

natrual grey marble slab - Dream grey walls

natrual grey marble slab - Dream grey walls


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