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Xiamen Ouming IMP. & EXP. Handel Co., Ltd.

We work directly with wholesalers, fabricators, contractors, designers and homeowners to make sure the stone that goes into your project is the finest quality available. Let us quote your next hospitality, multi-family or commercial project.
OUMING STONE KITCHEN AND BATH has quarries and plants to supply high quality NEW NATURE STONES, directly shipping from quarry to facility to your warehouse. With more than 21 years in stone industry, we dedicate to provide the super quality product and the best service to wholesalers, distributors, fabricators, contractors, remodelers, designers, builders and home owners.
Our experienced team is friendly to assist customer option perfect colors and in budget. You will feel comfortable working with us. We have three plants, one is specializing in granite counter-tops, other is marble tiles and vessel sinks. One stone shop of hotel and multi-family.

ouming stone-marble&grainte and countertop

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Vi leverer fremragende bordplader af køkken og badeværelse (granit, marmor og kvarts)

Feature Produkter

Feature productsFeature productsFeature productsFeature produkter

  • Natrual stone sink,Marble sink,Granite sinkNatrual stone sink,Marble sink,Granite sink

    Natrual Stone Sink-granit vask-marmorvask

    Natrual Stone Sink-granit vask-marmorvask

  • prefab countertopG682- vanity-topprefab countertopG682- vanity-top

    Natrual granit G682 - forfængelighed-top

    Natrual granit G682 - forfængelighed-top, præfabrikeret køkkenbordet

  • natrual-stone-granite-Vanilla green-project01natrual-stone-granite-Vanilla green-project01

    Vanilla Grøn

    Grundlæggende information

    • Kinesiske navn: 香草 绿 (中国 十 和田 石)
    • Engelske navn: Vanilla Green
    • Oprindelsesland: Kina
    • Farve: grøn
    • Materiale: Tuff
    • Vein: Vanilla Grain
    • Proces: Poleret; Bush Hammered; flammede; antiqued
    • Anvendelse: Hotel swiming pool, Hot spring; Have brosten; mindesmærke monument
    • Anvendelse: Indvendig og udvendig
  • Ouming natrual marble-Golden Emerald-slabOuming natrual marble-Golden Emerald-project-floor

    Golden Emerald

    • Oprindelsesland: Kina
    • Slab størrelse: 1500 ~ 1700 * 2700 ~ 2900mm
    • Materiale: Marmor (15% jade)
    • Fælles Tykkelse: 15mm / 18mm
    • Farve: Golden, Grå
    • Anvendelse: Wall, Gulvbelægning, Countertop, Carving
    • Tilgængelige overflade: Poleret, slebet
  • rble-Dream-grey-slab-polishedOuming natrual marble-Dream grey-countertop

    Drøm Grå

    • Oprindelsesland: Kina
    • Slab størrelse: 1600 ~ 1750 * 2600 ~ 3000 * 18mm
    • Materiale: Marmor
    • Tykkelse: 18mm
    • Farve: Grå
    • Supply Kapacitet:> 200M3
    • Anvendelse: Wall, Gulvbelægning, Countertop
    • Tilgængelige overflade: Poleret, slebet
  • Patek Philip Limestone-project-wall08OuMing Patek Philip Limestone-project-wall

    Patek Philip Limestone

    Grundlæggende Info

    • Navn: Patek PHILIP
    • Sted Oprindelsesland: Italien
    • Farve: Beige
    • Materiale: Kalksten
    • Vein: Stripe Vein
    • Tilgængelige overflade: Poleret, Bush hamret, Naturlig split, Antiqued, bejdsning.
    • Anvendelse: Wall flise decoation, Skulptur, kolonne og mindesmærke monument, tårn, statue osv
    • Anvendelse: Indvendig og udvendig væg dekoration